Big Lez Show Wallet card


Premium Big Lez Show Wallet Card

The Big Lez show (Created by Jarred Wright) |

One of the best programs ever made, and was one of the best journey’s we’ve been on, it saw us through the creation of our business, and this card, with one of the strongest Big Lez memories on was our way of giving back.

We’ve had many samples made for this product, most went in the bin because of poor quality, but this is the one. It had to be perfect, it did cost more because of the high quality satin print, but its so worth it.

The is the crew from choomah island 2, when they begin the journey on the blue meenies, and the tearful moment during season 4 choomah island 3, on the floating island.

The cost and free shipping mean we will make very little off this one, and I am happy to finally release it.


The colours in the photo look slightly white, but they are very smooth, the photo was taken in sunlight so it has a slightly reflection, the print is high quality and very smooth.

Big Lez Show Wallet card Product specification:

Weight 5g

Same size as a credit or ID card,

length 85.60mm x height 53.98mm x thickness 0.5mm

Weight28 g