The Void Rolling Tray


The Void Rolling Tray

Plane and simple table surface which remains elegant and highly adaptable for any occasion

Sitting on rubber feet so it doesn’t slide on any surface

available in 3 strong colours, metallic gold, metallic silver, and piano black

2 slots for rizlas or cards, 2 x 9.2mm circle cut outs for filters or rolled cigarettes or one of our shorty straws

Easy to clean and keep sanitary, as the are no rough edges for dirt to cling too, or be absorbed by. Another benefit is our boards are also microwavable safe so can be microwaved to kill bacteria*

All of our acrylic products are made by us in house, on precision laser cutters. All cut from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® We only use the best materials and shape them into these fun products. As the products are laser cut from a single piece or acrylic there are no sharp edges or moving parts

Product specification:

Weight 330g

Length 300mm x Width 200mm x Height 10mm(including feet)


Sealed in airtight wrapping to keep sanitary, and sent to your door in discreet unbranded packaging

Original product created by us, for you

Happy Shopping!


*Due to fact microwaves come in many different power outputs we advise discretion, and do not take responsibility for any damaged to the board or any personal injury caused



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