Sniffer Straws


The OG Snuff Sniffer is a light weight, durable and portable snorter. In a range of colours perfect for any festival, club or tea party.

The OG Snuff Sniffer / Snorter (whatever you call it) is a light weight, extremely durable and very portable short straw. A range of colours for any occasion, whether that’s a festival, club or tea party. Chug down shots until morning come.

Not to be sniffed at!

Made from high quality aluminium, available in five different colours, all with a smooth, streamline, anodized finish so will not scratch easily, there is also a raised textured band for grip. Either end of the straw is flat, and will easily fit into our board straw holders

Hygienically clean and easy to care for so grab a couple and get to it.

Product Specification:

Weight 8g

The straw measures 70mm in length and 8mm wide with a 5mm diameter hole running through the centre

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