Multitool Snuff Cards


Multitool Snuff Card

Here it is… where it all began, the idea that sparked the OG Snuff brand! The original “OG Snuff” card

The perfect tool for the job!

A Credit card size multi-tool, available in two finishes depending on which colour option you select, either a smooth glossy finish for that luxurious sleek experience, or a slight textured matte finish for that more grippy, rugged feel (only available on our matte and frosted cards). The card has two scoops, one longer scoop at the top of the card for reaching into a bag or a tin, and another shorter scoop on the bottom left for scooping directly off a surface. There is also a small lined groove on the bottom of the card so it can be used as a dedicated surface itself. The multi-tool also has small hole in the top right hand corner so it can be attached to a lanyard or keyring for easy access while out and about, but also fits perfectly in a card holder, wallet or purse for those wanting to be more discreet.

5 Random cards for £15!!!! —–> We try to update our colour options from time to time, so what do we do with last seasons colours? That’s right we bundle them up and give you a saving! So select this option for a random selection of cards, we will always aim to give you a wide creative mix of colours. Once there gone there gone!

All of our acrylic products are made by us in house, on precision laser cutters. All cut from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® We only use the best materials and shape them into these fun products. As the products are laser cut from a single piece or acrylic there are no sharp edges or moving parts

Easy to clean and keep sanitary, as the are no rough or sharp edges for dirt to cling too, or be absorbed by.

Available in many colours, so we are sure we will have the right one for you! (try our UV products under a black light and watch them glow)

Sealed in airtight wrapping to keep sanitary, and sent to your door in discreet unbranded packaging

Original product created by us, for you.

Snuff Card Product specification:

The two scoops have a 9mm circumference and a 2mm depth, the bottom lined groove measures 40mm in length, 5mm in width and 2mm in depth

Weight 15g

Length 84mm x Width 53mm x Height 3mm