Two’s Up Snuff Card


Stop pinching straight from your snuff tin, go straight from tin to nose with the Two’s up. An effective snuff card with multiple uses.

Stop pinching straight from the snuff tin which is messy and wasteful. Our double scoop snuff card to go straight from the snuff tin to nose in one movement, consequently saving money.

Just relax and two’s up to the rest!

Product info

Grab the Two’s up in a possible two finishes and three colours ranging from a luxurious and glossy gold and silver to a textured and grippy matte black for that rough vibe. Furthermore, at the size of a credit card it will slide straight into a wallet or phone case for those discreet events.

Two well measured scoops can fit in most snuff tins.

A small lined groove on the bottom gives it a mini snuff board feel.


All of our acrylic products are made by us in house on precision laser cutters. Cut from high quality Perspex® acrylic. We only use the best materials and shape them into these fun products.

Easy to clean and keep sanitary with no rough or sharp edges for dirt to cling too or be absorbed by.

Available in many colours to make your friends jealous

We hand make our cards with great care, packaging them in seal plastic wrap keeping them nice and fresh on arrival.

Original product created by us.


The two scoops have a 9mm circumference and a 2mm depth, the bottom lined groove measures 40mm in length, 5mm in width and 2mm in depth

Weight 15g

Length 84mm x Width 53mm x Height 3mm

Multitool snuff card here Australian outlet