The Platter Collection


The platter is the best low cost snuff board from og snuff, an affordable way to get into the world of boards. With a great amount of efficient and useable features.

Board Colour

Card Style & Colour

Select your straw!

OGSnuff Black Snuff Straw
Sniffer Straws - Stealth Black
OGSnuff Silver Snuff Straw
Sniffer Straws - Titanium Silver
OGSnuff Aluminum Snuff Straw in Stunning Sapphire Blue
Sniffer Straws - Sapphire Blue
OGSnuff Red Aluminum Snuff Straw
Sniffer Straws - Ruby Red
OGSnuff Aluminum Snuff Straw - Vibrant Emerald Green
Sniffer Straws - Emerald Green
XL Size Snuff Straw in Golden Aluminum
XL Sniffer Straw - Gold (+£2.50)
Purple XL Snuff Straw – Premium Aluminum
XL Sniffer Straw - Purple (+£2.50)

Optional Card Style & Colour

Optional Straw Style & Colour

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The Platter Select & Save Collection

All variations include new CNC groove type and logo sticker update not shown in photos 15/06/2023.

We are firm believers in individuality, so we give you free rein to have it your way, with lots of changeable options for colours and styles for our products!

Let our products become yours!


1x The Platter Snuff Board in a colour of  your choice

1x Shorty Snuff Straw in a colour of your choice

1x Matte Black Wallet Card


Enjoy the simple and easy way to upgrade to the Carbon Fibre Wallet Card, Multitool Cards or XL Straws. Plus the option to add an extra cards or straws, saving you more compared to purchasing individually.


All made from high quality materials, machined and packaged by ourselves.

Please see individual products for exact specs.

Boards size

Weight 330g

Length 300mm x Width 200mm x Height 10mm(including feet)

Microwavable safe*

Happy Shopping!


This bundle is based around The Platter Board, other board collections are available.

Please note, if no options are selected you will receive the items in random colours

*Due to fact microwaves come in many different power outputs we advise discretion, and do not take responsibility for any damaged to the board or any personal injury caused

Weight364 g