Tiki Tablet Acid Green Ancient Mayan Limited Edition


Acid Green (UV) Tiki Tablet

A real centre piece and talking point at any event!

A great sized board with some intriguing ancient Mayan imagery, looks amazing day and night!

Limited run of boards, we only made 100 so grab them while they are here.

Under sunlight the board will have bright dayglow green, as the light dims the board will stay charged from the suns rays and continue to glow in acid green, or to keep the party going in to the early hours, just use a UV black light, and watch the light radiate out!

Available in three options,

Tiki Tablet only

Tiki Tablet + Matte Black Wallet Card + Emerald Green Shorty Straw

Tiki Tablet + Acid Green (UV) Multitool + Emerald Green Shorty Straw + Acid Green (UV) Key


Product specification:

Weight  185g

Length 150mm x Width 200mm x Height 7mm(including feet)

The top of the board has 1 card slot and 2 straw holders

4 grooved lines with a 2mm depth, 2 x 40mm and 2 x 55mm

Please view individual products for exact specs

Made from high quality Irpen acrylic, sitting on 3M rubber feet.

Microwave safe*

Happy Shopping!


*Due to fact microwaves come in many different power outputs we advise discretion, and do not take responsibility for any damaged to the board, appliance or any personal injury caused