Tablet Crystal Clear Snuff Kit


Introducing the Tablet Crystal Clear Snuff Kit! Choose from three options: The Basics, Half Board, or All-Inclusive. Lightweight at 180g, it’s perfect for on-the-go use. Get yours now!

Tablet Crystal Clear 

Introducing the Tablet Crystal Clear Snuff Kit! It’s a fantastic deal with top-notch items at an amazing price. There are three choices to pick from: The Basics, which includes the Crystal Clear Board alone; the Half Board, which adds a PVC wallet card and a Titanium Straw to the mix; and the All-Inclusive option, featuring the Crystal Clear Board, Crystal Clear Multitool Card, Crystal Clear Key, PVC card, and Titanium straw. Please note, black straws are currently unavailable. The kit weighs 180 grams and measures 200mm in length, 150mm in width, and 7mm in height including feet. For precise specifications of individual products, don’t forget to click for more details!

The Tablet Crystal Clear Snuff Kit offers quality and affordability rolled into one. Whether you opt for The Basics, Half Board, or All-Inclusive package, you’re getting excellent value. Each kit is carefully designed to meet your needs. Plus, with its lightweight design and compact dimensions, it’s convenient to carry around wherever you go. So, why wait? Check out the individual product specifications and grab your Tablet Crystal Clear Snuff Kit today!

The TabletSniffer StrawSnuff KeyPVC CardMultitool

Product Specifications

Available in three options,

The Basics – Crystal Clear Board only

Half board – Crystal Clear Board + PVC wallet card + Black Straw

All Inclusive – Crystal Clear Board + Crystal Clear Multitool Card + Crystal Clear Key + PVC card + Black Straw

Weight 180g

Length 200mm x Width 150mm x Height 7mm(including feet)

Please view individual products for exact specs